Growing Through III: The Heart of Suicide

Positive Partnering and Critical Conversations

  • Authentic Encounters and Crisis Support

    Applying growth/recovery to personal distress means connecting with another intentionally as a peer ally. This seminar focuses on being supportive when distress, despair and thoughts of death are present, while opening windows to hope.

  • Compassionate Curiosity and Intensity

    Taking Growing Through listening skills to their highest level through Urgent Gleaning and other advanced practices enables Growth Allies to hold crucial conversations related to death, pain and reasons for living. (Suicide Protective Factors).

  • Collaborating on Safety

    Using Growth Ally practices to engage and collaborate when suicidal feelings and activities are present is crucial. This Seminar gives participants with extended practice and confidence for partnering to reduce lethal means, find safety and appropriate help in an emergency.

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Offering Presence (Growing Through 1) brings compassion and practical skills together to empower anyone as a growth ally.

  • How will Growing Through training benefit me or my staff?

    All Growing Through trainings provide techniques, concepts and real world skills practice for crisis support based in dignity and recovery. Our trainings are applicable for Continuing Education credits in several fields, based on your state or national process. Offering Presence (Growing Through 1) course certificates qualify participants to attend Growing Through 2 (Encountering Intensity).

  • Special discounts and packages for partner organizations

    For non-specialists and pros alike we offer entry into the Growing Through Pro Series. Packages of 10 and 20 registrations are available at discount by inquiry only.

  • When will the course be held? Will there be more and when?

    Growing Through Offering ONLINE SKILLS SESSIONS VIA ZOOM are offered in a seminar format 3 days within a week. Talk to us for details on upcoming Seminars and times •New Zealand: Weds, June 17-Friday, June 19 (10am - 12 n) •Australia East Weds, June 17 - Friday, June 19 (8-10 am) **Attendance at skills sessions is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I register for Growing Through training now?

    Growing Through trainings have been conducted in many communities and three countries and are highly in demand. When you reigster for this one-time Beta version of Offering Presence you will be among the first to receive our new training certificate program AND do so at a significantly reduced cost. Once Growing Through trainings are offered on a rolling basis waiting periods are expected due to class size limitations.

  • What is Offering Presence and Growing Through?

    Offering Presence is a special Growing Through communications training designed for social service providers, crisis workers, volunteers or anyone who wants to be supportive. In addition to being a great learning experience for professionals and non-professionals alike, it is the first course in the GT Pro series. Combining practices for connecting authentically, using deep active listening and a highly structured approach for offering personal experience to others in the context of intensity or ‘crisis’, Offering Presence fills a crucial gap in suicide prevention, community mental health and peer specialist services.

  • How long does it take? What will I be doing?

    Growing Through Offering Presence Online is a three-day learning intensive that combines self-paced materials and group skills session. You'll have self-paced reading and video content to view each day, along with three live skills sessions.

  • Is experience required? Will this be a repeat of things I've been trained in before?

    Growing Through is a unique 'deep skills' approach to engagement and support. Some prior experience or training in mental health, suicide prevention or peer support is recommended but not required for registration. Growing Through does not replicate existing training programs and models. It complements ASIST, QPR, Mental Health First Aid, Intentional Peer Support, WRAP, DBT Skills training, Motivational Interviewing, Compassion-based Therapy, CAMS and others. (NB: If you don't know what that jargon all means no problem! For participants with little or no related experience, links to informational materials and videos will be provided by your trainers.)

  • Is it safe to talk about things like crisis and suicide in your online course?

    To ensure an enriching, positive learning experience, Growing Through is provided entirely within a secure learning management platform that ensures participant privacy as well as direct communication. The faculty of Humannovations-U are highly experienced mental health professionals, trainers and internationally recognized suicide prevention experts dedicated to creating a safe, exciting learning environment for all.

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